As a member of the PCA, Bethany strives to be faithful to the Scriptures by adhering to the Heidelberg Catechism and Westminster Confession of Faith, remaining true to the Reformed tradition in practice and worship, and obeying the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.


At Bethany, we believe that God has pierced the darkness and revealed himself to the world in his son Jesus Christ. In coming to God, following God, and serving God, we proclaim the thoroughness of the gospel message in our lives and community.


Living by the Word                                                                            

Bethany is charged with the word of God. In the words of Pastor Belz, "like a cave where it's impossible to not get wet because water is dripping from the walls and ceiling, so I hope that Word is all around us at Bethany." Through the preaching of the word, the partaking of the sacraments, prayer, and the ministering of the means of grace among the congregation, Bethany is a Word-rich church.


Spreading the Word                                                               

Bethany is proud of its 110 year historical legacy in serving the community in and around Ledyard, while also maintaining a strong commitment to missions efforts around the country and abroad. The church supports career missionaries around the world and actively invests in its local mercy ministry. The church's purpose is to "establish in this community a Christian congregation for worship, to promote the Christian life, to serve its Lord in winning others to Christ and to effectively conduct the work of the Church both at home and abroad," according to the church's mission statement.